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Most Health Clubs, Gyms and Fitness Centers leave you on your own
to figure out how to get in shape and stay in shape.

Not at Results Personal Training...

Unlimited Personal Training

Our staff consists of dedicated, qualified and experienced health and fitness professionals. We take a thoughtful approach to fitness using the latest technology combined with good old-fashioned human interaction to ensure your success. We have passion and dedication to seeing our clients reach their health and fitness goals. Our clients’ success is the benchmark for our success.

Whatever your goal-improving cardiovascular fitness, building muscle strength, training for an athletic event, rehabilitating from an injury, or weight loss? Our trainers are here for you. All of the club's personal trainers are certified.

We take your health personally!

  • Schedule your FREE Fit Start training/assessment with one of our certified personal trainers. Some restrictions may apply so contact us today
  • To get the most out of training, it's essential to understand your body better. So, whether you're a pro athlete or occasional walker, you'll find it's easy to listen to your body with our health assessment tools.

Our Personal Trainers can assist you in finding the training tools who will work best with your particular fitness needs and your demanding schedule.

Why is Results Personal Training so successful?

Planning -  Results creates a program that helps guide and educate you while establishing a deadline or expiration date on a specific goal that means the most to you (such as a wedding, vacation etc...).

On Staff Nutritionist - our nutritionist sits down with you  prior to their first workout. During this time the nutritionist will design a menu based on your  lean muscle mass, metabolism, level of activity and convenience. The nutritional menu will consist of detailed information like how many calories you should be consuming per meal and day, along with what foods will work best with your body type and metabolism.

Monitoring Progress - Every week you  are required to do an analysis which allows us to find out your lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, metabolism increase, waste and water being carried. The purpose of this is to make sure your body never adapts to the training, nutrition and we continue to get closer to the goal before the deadline date.

No appointments needed - All sessions start on the hour any hour we are open. Results is fully staffed with trainers at all times waiting for clients to come in.

Unlimited training - Our membership options are unlimited training. That means every day that we are open you can come in for as many sessions as you like. If it was up to our staff we would like you to come in 6 days a week, 2 hours a day. We understand this is not practical for some people because of work, school, kids etc.... The more often a client can come in the better.

Our formula works 100% of the time.



Fun, Friends and Fitness!

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