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 Hear from our Raving Fans 

Don't take our word for it, hear from some happy clients...



I love the small groups. It's a very challenging workout. I like how they target muscle groups. Results has definitely helped me get back in shape. 


I enjoy being at Results because it's different and everyday is a challenge. I normally stop after two week but not here. Now, I exercise more consistently.


I come to Results for the inviting atmosphere and knowledgeable trainers. It's not boring. It's almost like its own culture. It's not like a normal gym. They taught me discipline and how to correct my form. I learned I could push myself a lot more than I could on my own.


I love Results! I've been a member for over 4 years! The trainers really know what they are doing. They are friendly, attentive, and they make you feel comfortable. Since I've been at Results, I've gained strength and knowledge of how I'm supposed to do the workouts. I also have better posture.


I like it here at Results because of the motivation and hands on feel. The staff is always positive. I'm more confident. I like that they give us recipes to use at home too!


I like the variety. I like being able to come in and do something different. I enjoy the staff. Everybody is very motivating and positive. I feel like I've learned a lot about form and how to do certain exercises. I feel like Results has helped me with my running too!


"Before joining the Results team, it was so hard for me to stay motivated to work out. Now that I’m a member of the Results family, I can’t live without it! All of the trainers are great…they have a great sense of humor ....  see more


I love Results because the people are friendly. I just moved to the city and every has been very welcoming and yall focus on functional training and not a lot of gyms do. I feel like I have perfected my form. Results has taught me consistency and taught me how to push myself and to be patient with my body.


No matter what fitness level you are at, or lack thereof.. The staff at results instantly make you feel "at home".. and concentrate on your individual needs. They work with you and guide you in the right direction, focusing on your progress..keeping in mind that everyone is different. There is no "one fits all"... see more


I like it here because it's always different and it actually works. The trainers know how to push me out of your comfort zone. I've lost weight and inches. My overall health and endurance has improved. Since being here, I've changed my eating habits tremendously!

Maria, Samuel, and Cassidy

I(Maria) joined results in April. Each time I came home from my work out, I was so excited about the things we did that I was constantly talking about it. I would demonstrate the different exercises I learned. As I was able to do one more rep or last a little longer, my excitement for exercising grew... see more


I don’t like Results….I LOVE Results because they met me exactly where I was both physically and emotionally almost 3 years ago.  I just kept going back and doing what my trainers said to do.  My trainers slowly started to challenge me with simple things like how long I could hold a plank.  see more


I've been a member at Results for almost a year now. I like it here because I see Results! It's different than going to a gym where I don't know what to do. Great staff! Since working out here I now have a healthier lifestyle. I feel not only physically but mentally better about myself. I'm more confident and I've gotten booty gains :)


I've been a member at Results since 2008 and the trainers are always finding ways to challenge me. I love being here because every workout is always different. They have taught me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Results Personal Training!


I'm proud to say I've been a member of Results for 6 years now. I stay at Results because of the trainers. I workout 3-4 times a week. They really make me work hard while still modifying exercises the way I need them...

They are always so friendly from the moment I walk in to the moment I leave. Results has helped me stay alive. I'm 84 years old and all the trainers and staff have really helped me stay in shape.


I loved results since the very first moment I stepped in. Best trainers I have met and great atmosphere. The staff is always very welcoming and extremely nice, they really make you feel at home. I train with Pat and I am very happy about his professionalism and dedication. Results is a blast and provides the best workout experience I have had in my life.

My time at Results Personal Training has yielded, well results. When I arrived in Corpus Christi, I was 284 pounds and looking for a lifestyle change. Ironically, I found Results the first week I was here and I knew it was a sign.

After Subscribing to Chelsea's  and Fernando's diet and exercise program I began to notice I was fitting into clothes that I had not been able to in years. It was not an easy process, there were days when all I wanted to do was eat junk and not exercise, but when people at work and others at the gym were saying how far I have come I couldn't let them or myself down.

I dropped to an amazing 227 pounds by following the regimen. Thanks to trainers, who are friendly and creative, I have never been bored with my workout. Results has been my place to go to be inspired and sweat...a lot. The group of trainers is there to push me far past my own limits. If you want to work out with friends and develop a winning attitude, Results Personal Training is the place to go!

Big ups to personal trainer, Pat L. for helping me through a back injury. These are the best trainers in town!

Real People ... Real Results
Results Personal Training Centers are a private fitness facility that feels exclusive while being inclusive. Our mission has always been to offer a professional, friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy. Our facilities also provides a friendly, motivating and energizing environment for your physical activities. Your fellow members and our trained professionals are both on hand to guide and support you. 
You're Never Alone Here!

Our systems work.  Will you be out next success story?

Fun, Friends and Fitness!

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